Freelance Accountant Franchise: Full Prospectus for non-qualified or graduates

Freelance Accountant Franchise: Full Prospectus for non-qualified or graduates

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Welcome to the freelance accountant franchise option


Start profiting from running your own accountancy business whilst gaining your qualification.


Have you recently graduated from an accountancy or equivalent degree and want to gain practical experience whilst acquiring your qualifications?


We are offering you a sought after opportunity to become a qualified accountant and start your own accounting business.


The Accountancy Franchise opportunity is a fully packaged and all inclusive turnkey offering, providing flexibility so that you can work in your chosen environment and at the hours you prefer.


What Accountancy Franchise can offer:


  • 24 weeks of in-house training combining technical, theoretical and hands-on practical experience
  • Full ongoing support and continuous professional development
  • Study support for qualification
  • Hands-on practical experience with real clients
  • Working remotely from home
  • 5 guaranteed clients
  • Operate under our brand in an exclusive territory
  • Basic step into the future Accountancy Franchise options


Depending on your qualifications, education, and experience, you will receive hands-on and long-term training from us. Whilst undertaking practical experience at each level and in all departments at our successful busy main branch, you will at the same time be training with us to gain your accountancy qualification.


We will fully support your qualification studies so that you won't fail.


* No office required / minimal startup and running costs.


Interested? Book a no-obligation, free consultation to discuss further.


Why is it, downlaoding the full Freelance Accountant Franchise Prospectus, for money?

Because our prospectus is fully confidential, icluding sensitive know-how, and we would like only serious interest to be registered. That's all about it, however if you're not ready you can either download the free brochure or book an appointmet (face to face or over the phone) or better attend one of our events.


    You will receive hands-on practical training, additional in-house training and certification, and full support in acquiring your accountancy qualification. Our training program covers practical experience and learning management techniques, leading to your own accounting start-up.


    Your business will benefit from:


    • A proven unique business model: user friendly cloud systems (to allow you to operate your business from your home with the help of our cloud systems), project management and collaboration software, including integrated IT and telephone systems. Even though you will be working remotely you will share head office’s inclusive team culture.


    • Low operating costs: all you need is your laptop, scanner/printer and day to day stationery. No office related or employment overheads required, leaving you to concentrate on client acquisition.


    • Kick-start clients: from day one we will provide you with 5 existing clients from our client bank so that you can start working and having hands on experience. All the training programs will help you prepare for managing multiple clients in the future.

    We invest our time into the success of your business for the benefit of both parties. That said, we want to symbiotically build trust and reassure our customers that they can buy with confidence, hence why we provide a fourteen day cooling off period, and a one month probationary period.


    We can flexibly provide 100% of the program online, however we require each franchisee to complete two weeks of compulsory training at our head office.