Office Based Franchise

Office Based Franchise

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Start running your own accountancy office today with our kick-start support package.


Accountancy Franchise is offering you a tailor made, turnkey and fully packaged office based franchise. As we ourselves evolved from a franchise, we understand what you need and what can sometimes be missing from this type of business structure.


We will not only train you to start your own franchise branch, but put special measures in place to ensure your success. Upon acquisition of the franchise, our chief accountant from HQ, who built our successful accountancy business, will run your branch for approximately 4 weeks. 


What Accountancy Franchise can offer: 


  • 24  to 52 weeks of in-house training combining technical, theoretical and hands-on practical experience
  • Full ongoing support and continuous professional development
  • Study support for qualification
  • Practical experience with real clients
  • Establishing and running a robust and lucrative business with lower office overheads 
  • 5 guaranteed initial clients
  • Operating under our brand in a larger exclusive territory
  • Next steps into the future shopfront Accountancy Franchise option


Once you have completed your training and are ready for the opening and running of your branch, we will oversee the whole process for you. Starting with deciding upon the shop location - to the decorating and furnishing of your new premises.


We will then supply you with: 

  • A salary during your training period
  • Books, records & files       
  • Trade-Marks          
  • Goodwill    


Other Office Assets:

  • IT and telephone equipment for 2 people
  • Software with access for unlimited users
  • Stationery (letterheads, business cards, compliment slips)
  • A library of Practice tax books
  • Online access to tax guidance material
  • Practice operating manual
  • Local branch web-site and unlimited email addresses
  • Local branch social media marketing


What we offer:

  • 3 to 12 months training at our busy main branch in Ipswich, which involves comprehensive practical and managerial training, leading to qualification acquisition. You will undergo training across all areas of our practice and receive a salary whilst doing so.


  • Qualification training: You will spend at least one day a week on qualification training. Depending on your current circumstances, more time may be spent on this training if necessary.


  • Practical training: Alongside your educational training, you will be gaining hands-on practical experience on a full-time basis. During this training period, you will work within every accountancy department to prepare you for the running of your own business.


  • Training: operating procedures, project management and IT systems. Similar to the practical training, this will prepare you to apply what you learn to your own business model.


  • Managerial training: For the final part of your 3 to 12 month training period, you will undergo managerial training to prepare you for the running of your own branch. After all, no effective accountant can run a practice without experience.


Why is it, downlaoding the full Office Based Franchise Prospectus, for money?

Because our prospectus is fully confidential, icluding sensitive know-how, and we would like only serious interest to be registered. That's all about it, however if you're not ready you can either download the free brochure or book an appointmet (face to face or over the phone) or better attend one of our events.


    What the Office Based Franchise can offer:

    • Start with 5 clients on day one with the potential of gaining clients prior to the openning of branch
    • Identify a kick-start client base
    • Post franchise direct head office support
    • Effective and engaging social media and internet marketing management


    Other key benefits:

    • Long term training and CPD support
    • Hands-on support during start-up
    • Lifetime ongoing head office support providing technical assistance and sales back up
    • Gain practical experience in all accountancy departments including: bookkeeping, year-end accounts, VAT and PAYE etc
    • Gain certification on the use of certain softwares
    • Acess to vast operating procedures, tax resources, templates, checklists, tax planing and strategy toolkits


    Long term and comprehensive training on:

    • Accounting software
    • IT systems
    • Operating procedures
    • Start-up training at branch
    • Client management skills
    • Admin / Managerial skills
    • Long term and comprehensive


    With Accountancy Franchise, our clients have found an accountant who:

    • Understands their business
    • Speaks their language
    • Has a can-do approach
    • Can guide them step by step as their businesses and requirements evolve
    • Can find solutions to their problems
    • Offer a pro-active service, rather than waiting for the client to ask for guidance
    • Uses detailed and customised checklists for clients
    • Keeps an eye on clients’ affairs on an ongoing basis, rather than at the end of a period
    • Can work on longer term tax efficient strategies for clients
    • Offers a one stop shop for all their business related needs

    We invest our time into the success of your business for the benefit of both parties. That said, we want to symbiotically build trust and reassure our customers that they can buy with confidence, hence we provide a fourteen day cooling off period, and a one month probationary period.


    We can flexibly provide 100% of the program online, however we require each franchisee to complete 8 to 40 weeks compulsory training at our head office. 


    Your compulsory training will continue to carry on at the branch for the first 2 weeks following the opening of your office.